June 14, 2007

Brand New Blog Page

Friday early AM :)
finally got my first Blog page where i intend to share some thoughts and things that are happening. Right now i am working on the music for my next project and going to post a couple of demo tracks later on

meanwhile here are some links to the stuff i have done:



topday said...


Gary said...

Congratulations on your first blog page. I embeded my blog inside my web site, and while I have few, if any viewers, I find it a place where I feel I have some permanence. I understand that web sites live some time after an account is closed to be able to modify or update it. I don't know how the world will advance from here, whether we will have the internet in 10 years or some other method of communication.
REgardless, I look forward to your future entries.
from Texas, USA
Gary the potterman

Aokesana said...

Hi, my dear Alexey !!!!!!
What a nice opportunity to read you and to know what are you about since we both are not active in e-mailing :oP

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