April 23, 2009

American Trip

works inspired by my travels in Cape Cod and California in 2008

Foggy Provincetown 1

Kelp (Monterey CA)

Pier in Provincetown 1

Pier in Provincetown 2

Pietra Santa Vineyard (CA)

Red Boat

Sunny Pier

Mono Lake


Blue Skies

Pearl Street

High Tide. Provincetown

Belle Vue (Carmel Valey, CA)

Green Boat

Big Sur

After Noon

Pier At Nigt

Lobster Pot

Night Provincetown


E.A. Durden said...

Whoa, Alexei--those are amazing. Thank you for sharing them. Hope you are well.

Michael said...

Alexei -- terrific stuff! Love what you've done. Hope things are going well with you!


Taylor Baldwin said...

Alexei! Looking sharp. Very nice work. These two coasts could not be more different. Where's next?

Sarah Rose said...

Wonderful! "Foggy Provincetown 1" is my favorite.

Gary said...

Alexei, I have watched your work grow for several years now and I think you have really arrived with this body of work. I wish you well on your show and I hope that the curators will find a way to bring it as a traveling show and you to the USA.
Gary from AArt5U and the state of Texas.

carlacryptic said...

This is a wonderful group of paintings. Thanks for sharing your artwork with us. :)

Wim said...

I enjoyed these very much, especially Red Boat. Wonderful that you could make this trip to absorb the atmosphere of your subjects.

Sergovic said...

WOW!! You really caught that ray of sunshine, the wind and the feel of Provincetown. Great works!!! I was really curious what you would center your eye on while there. Amazingly enough you found special endroits that have meaning and understanding, memories that bring us to that place in time. Especially love the ones with the pier and the orchard. Best of luck, my friend!

drmikey said...

beautiful paintings of worker's paradise in good times in my country. you have gift of marvelous seeings and painting of such things. my pleasure you know me. dr mikey:)

Anonymous said...

You are an incredible talent. Love the Pietra Santa Vineyard. A great memory of a great time. Best of luck from an olive picking friend. Kim P

Andrew Purchin said...

Oh gorgeous work Alexi. Let me know about the next time you come to the west coast -- I'm in Santa Cruz. We can paint together.

Anonymous said...

They bring me back to Oct., Nov., and Dec. I can feel every breeze, hear every crash of the waves, feel the sun on my face, and hear your voice as if your right here. I can see the love you have within you in your paintings, never let it go. B

cor said...

hey Alexei, thanks for let us about the new show, good luck and manny works sold i hope, i love the red boat verry much...keep on make those GREAT paintings...doei! Cor

Anonymous said...

Alexi--was just in Ptown last weekend and thought of you. These are amazing...I will look at each of these places with new eyes when I am there next. Thanks for showing me such beauty!Hope you make it this way once again...Vincent

Anonymous said...

Great paintings Alexi.


In_Cognitus said...

Wow! You are great artist! Thanks for Beauty!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sir, for the beauty and pleasure derived therefrom. Awesome!

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